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Slyce: Brothers and Sistah’s, please welcome our brother, Author J Brinkley to “The Interrogation Room”!! Welcome my brother :-). Are you ready?

Slyce: What inspired you to become an author?

JB: Writing allows me to address social , political and religious issues that take place in our environment without being criticized or penalized.

Slyce: What is the name of your publishing company?

JB: Voice Of My Ancestors

Slyce: In what genre do you write?

JB: So far, I have written Urban fiction, African American Romance and Poetry.

Slyce: Have you penned under another name?

JB: Yes. Jonas Brinkley

Slyce: You wrote a book titled “I Forgot To Be Your Lover”. What was this book about?

JB: A young black couple falling for each other and having a child. Hard times found them and dude make a tough decision and went to the streets to make money but end up in prison. Infidelity was committed and that was the beginning of the chaos between them. Its hard to rebuild trust once it’s been broken. (can’t tell the story. lol)

Slyce: Is this a stand alone or a series?

JB: Stand alone.

Slyce: Is there anything else cooking in the lab for Author J Brinkley?

JB: Sure! I have more. Urban fiction, Romance, erotica and Poetry coming.

Slyce: How important are interviews?

JB: I’m not an interview person. However, I do understand the importance of making yourself visible for the people. So, here I am compromising. (lol)

Slyce: How important are reviews?

JB: Book reviews are very important. Some people will buy your book based on what other people say about your book. So for all the book readers buying an author book is cool. In fact, it’s great but leaving a review is even better. By leaving a review, will also help the author know what he or she can work on when he or she write the next book.

Slyce: Do you feel a new author should have a “Team”?

JB: Having a team is always a plus if everyone has each others back such as promoting each other and encouraging each other. I think that’s a personal decision the author will have to make because you can still do great things being a solo author. This decision will most definitely be determined by how much knowledge he or she has about the literary world.

Slyce: What does the term, “Building a Brand” mean?

JB: Building a brand is the writer himself or herself. It’s the product he or she is offering to the person. You should always want to distribute quality work. (for an example, good editing, good book covers, your logo, good images of you and honor your word).

Slyce: What steps are you taking to build your brand?

JB: All that I mentioned above with the addition of promoting my books on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and I try to attend book events for more exposure.

Slyce: Name three authors you’d love to work with.

JB: There’s a few but I would say… K.L. Hall , K.B. Cole and Sherri Marie.

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