Author Jonas Brinkley

Who Is J. Brinkley?

Jonas Brinkley is currently an Independent Author. Mr. Brinkley was born in Georgia and raised in Tift county by his mom. He began his writing passion as a young teen but didn't start taking it seriously until he reached his early twenties. He shared his thoughts with close friends and relatives who became inspired by his writing style and unorthodox philosophies about life and love. They encouraged him to share his gift with the world.

Brinkley took the extra mile by enrolling and completing the following college courses:
Global University for (Ministry)
Theosophical University for (Theosophy)
Stratford Career Institute for (Entrepreneurship & Psychology/Social Work)
Stratford Career Institute for ( Starting Your Own Business)
Stratford Career Institute for (Creative Writing)

After excelling in these courses he set more goals for himself to accomplish. On July 30th, 2017 (Voice Of My Ancestors) known as Voma Publications LLC was formed by Jonas Brinkley who writes under the pseudonym J. Brinkley.