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Baltimore college student, Brooklyn Taylor finds herself falling in love with a student who loves the streets more than anything else. Brooklyn begs Tyrell to change his lifestyle, but the more she pleads, the more distant he becomes. When Brooklyn discovers she is pregnant she is elated, but it quickly turns to devastation when she finds out her child's father is on his way to prison. Brooklyn begins to question her love for Tyrell and her future with him. When she makes the decision to stand by him no matter what her friends and family think of him, she prays endlessly to God that he will change his ways. Brooklyn gives birth to their daughter and takes on another job to earn extra money while Tyrell is serving time. He learns about her new job and becomes insecure and abusive upon his release from prison. The last physical altercation they have lands Brooklyn in the hospital where her internalized pain turns into deep-seated resentment towards Tyrell. As she lies in the hospital bed letting her physical wounds heal, her deep emotional scars remain. All she can think of is sweet revenge.

Ghetto Tales Of Anguish 2 

The saga continues as Dewain searches desperately for the truth behind his best friend's murder, even putting his own life at risk. He discovered that when money is involved people will change fast, even close friends. He must be prepared for the spin balls and straight pitches life throws. It isn't the things we expect that conquers us, it's the circumstances we underestimate or don't expect that get the best of us or causes us to lose in the game of life.

Finding out the truth didn't bring the closure that Dewain thought it would bring, but one thing was for sure, he could now rest peacefully without having to look over his shoulder and worry about his family’s safety. Dewain made an oath to himself to raise his newborn better so that he would not have to repeat the vicious cycle of failure that runs rampid within the urban community.

Amorous Déjà vu:
A Romance Novel


Amorous Déjà vu 2:
A Romance Novel


Kim is a southern, country girl from Georgia. Like any other woman, she desires deeply to be loved. After many attempts to find that special someone and failing, she decides to redirect her focus on herself and her only daughter, whom she cares dearly for. Working becomes her way to make up for her loneliness, until just as she had almost given up on love..., her attention and heart were stolen by Jason.

Jason was a well-groomed, slim, southern man. He was intelligent, kind, honest, respectful, vigorous, humorous and adventurous. Kim's sorrows immediately fades away, her life fills with happiness and uncontrollable laughter. Everyone around her notices the change in her disposition, the elation exuded from her.

Judging things by her past relationships, she realizes that things usually begin lovely, but end tragically. She questions her fate; how will this relationship end? Or will it last? Only time will reveal that unknown secret.


Kim and Jason Graham found themselves immersed in their new marriage. They were extremely proud parents of two beautiful children. They were one perfect family.After Kim’s pregnancy,she went back to work. Jason was a self-made man who pursued his dreams as the owner of a prestigious nightclub.Their beautiful union began to unravel when Jason woke up in a hotel room with a high school crush, Paulette McGee, not knowing how he got there. A few months pass and Jason finds out that Paulette is pregnant, claiming the unborn baby is his. He felt devastated not knowing what to do.The news spread like wildfire. Will Jason be able to tame the burning flames and maintain his marriage? Or will he lose everything?

I Forgot To Be Your Lover

Xavier Furgerson grew up in the rough streets of Atlanta Georgia with his grandfather and grandmother. His parents died when he was young. He dropped out of school in the tenth grade to pursue the street life.

Getting shot multiple times and spending three years in prison only slowed Xavier down. He met Simone Jefferson who became his wife. Hard times found them unexpectedly and Xavier was pulled back into the cold streets to provide for his family. Will he make it out alive? Back in Jail? Or dead?

Ghetto Tales Of Anguish

Dewain Perkins always thought about living a better life, aside from the underworld. But secrets, greed and jealousy crept into his life and caused betrayal and death.

He is devastated and becomes delusional, he has no idea who to trust. Dewain cannot rest until he discovers who is behind the fatalities of those close to him and once he finds out who it is, he begins to rally up a few troops to get his revenge.

Afraid To Love You 

After losing her husband in a tragic accident, Stephanie Dennard finds herself a single parent of two beautiful daughters. After years of struggling alone she is suddenly swept off her feet and finds comfort in the arms of a new man, a handsome smooth talking truck driver named Mike. Mike soon moves into the home Stephanie shares with her young daughter, Anita, a teen who possessed exotic features much like her father. She had a passion for helping others and dreamed of one day becoming a nurse, just like her mother. LaSonya, on the other hand, looked just like her mother, but possessed the business acumen of her father and pursued a career in business management. LaSonya was the perfect ‘big sister’ and loved Anita dearly. Anita and LaSonya, both, dislike Mike but is their dislike for him misplaced or is there a more sinister side to him that hasn’t yet surfaced? Stephanie finds herself torn between the man she loves and the daughters she adores. Will she be forced to make a decision between them? While Anita is left fighting the demons that accompany nightmares, bitter memories and depression, LaSonya is left trying her best to hold the family together, while searching for her own piece of happiness. Will the family ever regroup? Will Anita ever be the same innocent carefree spirit she once was before evil crept in to rob her of all that was pure?

Tears Of Evidence 

Caught up in the fog of a dream that feels too much like reality, Troy’s awakening will be one of calmness, followed by disappointment. Misunderstood as a young man growing up, it seems that even trouble and hardship cannot cripple Troy's determination to triumph over the chilling grip of misfortunes that have followed him from adolescence to adulthood. His never ending flights to escape one situation after another only take him into the grips of yet another situation, each one with the same agenda. That agenda, as Troy sees it, is to interrupt and strip him of whatever happiness he finds. With so much pain and disappointment, it seems Troy should be a man embittered by the fact that he can't seem to escape from the troubles of his past, which seem destined to follow him into his future. Instead of feeding him hopelessness, those troubles, mishaps, maybes and misfortunes only make Troy dig deeper for the truth that will free him from the grips of ignorance and circumstances. As he searches for the truth, he dreams of living the life of the second chance he is granted. What will determine his dream? Truth will not be the reality that he dreams of living, it will be the actuality of his situation.